Order Release is missing supplier on BTO releases, causing PO issues

We use the Buy To Order feature a lot, but keep running into issues where the linked PO info is incomplete. This prevents any changes to the PO.

For example, the following open order release is BTO and is linked to a PO, but the Supplier is missing.

Looking at the OrderRel table shows the VendNum is 0.

If I need to change anything on that PO, I get the following error


The only way I’ve found around this is to use DMT to update OrderRel.VendNum.

We think it is caused when a PO is duplicated.

Q1. Anyone else ever run into this?

Q2. Why is there a field for VendNum, when that should be derived from the POHeader for the PONum specified?

I was thinking about making a Data Directive to force the OrderRel.VendNum to be correct. But I’m not sure if there is a legitimate reason why the VendNum would ever need to differ from the one specified on the linked PO.

Hi Calvin,

We use BTO a lot and I’ve never seen this. However we never duplicate POs. Guess I’m glad we don’t :slight_smile: The DD seems reasonable to me. Thinking it through, I have a PO that has a VendNum and my order release is tied to this PO number. Since I can only have one VendNum for my PO number, it must be the one on the associated PO.