OrderDtl sales rep list

Maybe it’s just because it is monday :slight_smile:

I am trying to find the SalesRepList at the Order Line level. I see the OrderRepList at the OrderHed. I thought that list acts as a default for the new sales order lines. But the list can be modified after each line is established.

I see the RepRate and RepSplit but i cannot find the RepCode? anyone know where that exists?


I think i see it now.

You can only assign the rep names at the order header level. That list becomes fixed and static for ALL order lines.

At the order line level you can modify the Split% and the Rate% - but NOT the names. The names are established at the header.

I hope i described that right.


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Hi Dave,

Sounds right to me!


That is exactly correct. Same for invoices.


How do you display the split% and rate% associated to that rep code? It works fine when there is only one rep but does not display if there are multiple reps. Also there isn’t a link between the split% associated to that Rep besides which list order it is on.

Ms. Nancy: Here is a link to a short video i posted to show how to report by Sales Rep. Epicor V10 Report by Sales Rep - YouTube

Give it a try (Drink Coffee first - this video will put you to sleep) :slight_smile:


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It still does not show correctly the split% assigned correctly to the correct sales rep. How do you link the split% to the rep?

I am not showing it - but explaining it at 9min 50sec.