OrderRel - Calculating What's Remained

I have need to calculate sales order line of what is left and what is shipped. This table is a bit confusing with all the following fields:


I tried to look these up in data dictionary, but it’s clear as mud. Don’t I just need the SellingStockQty and SellingStockShippedQty? Basically what did the customer ordered and what we shipped to get remaining qty.

Use Our vs Selling depending on which Unit of Measure you want to return data in.
I generally use:
OurReqQty - OurJobShippedQty - OurStockShippedQty
If you ship from a job or from inventory, it would be included in one of those two fields. Substitute “Selling” if you prefer that UOM.

If you ship only from Inventory, OurStockedShippedQty and OurStockQty will work. OurStockQty minus OurStockedShippedQty will give you what is left. OurStockedShippedQty will give you what is shipped.

If you also ship from Job, you’ll need to also use OurJobShippedQty and OurJobQty.

We ship from both job and stock, so:
(OurStockQty + OurJobQty) = gives me the total ordered
(OurStockedShippedQty + OurJobShippedQty) = gives me what has been shipped
Subtract the above two and that gives me what still needs to be shipped.

Thank you so much you both.