"Orphan" BPM's Blank Title 64309

We are at 404A and have been chasing random client lockups on job
saving and some MES labor transactions for several months. It turns
out that we had what I would call "orphan" BPM's. BPM enable/disable
adds and removes progress code in the server path c:\epicor\mfgsys803
\bpm\bo directory (your path may be different). We discovered that
after disabling all BPM's we still had a couple files left that were
executing on the JobEntry and Labor programs. These were causing
intermittent problems that we could not reliably reproduce.

I was wondering how I may have "oprhaned" these BPM's. I think the
recent discussion about playing with test databases on the same server
without changing/disabling the propath is the answer. I would assume
that creating a BPM on the test db, and then copy the production db (no
BPM) to the test db again would probably not clean up the BO directory.

If you have a bunch of BPM's (we have AQM integration that uses BPM
heavily), you may want to group them so you can bulk update them using
Directive Update. If you do that, then the files will all be the same
date and time.