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Just an add-on to some of Robert's musings on the software industry:

From http://www.cringely.com/2008/12/surviving-2009/

Mr. Cringely is speaking about IBM:

"Thanks to the economic crisis, the IT industry will take a beating. To
survive many IT providers will cut costs and services to the point of
driving away customers. IBM is more diversified and has deeper financial
reserves. In time customers will begin to return to IBM, but with some new
expectations. They'll be willing to pay more for help desk workers who
speak understandably. They will want to see more people on site, more
face-to-face support. This won't stop the rush to offshore IT jobs. It
will however signal a change in the direction of the pendulum and will force
IT providers to rethink their business model.

So far IBM and most IT providers have cut support costs by shipping work
offshore to lower paid workers. Someone in the industry will finally
realize there is another way to cut - by using quality improvement
techniques to reduce the occurrence of problems. This will become a game
changer in the industry. Sadly IBM is too big, too bureaucratic, too set in
its ways to catch this wave. What will happen instead is firms will start
in-sourcing their IT again. Watch for this in the next 5 years."

I think this is good advice for Epicor as well. Quality improvement is more
than declaring "Programmed as designed" and calling that quality. Quality
means setting and meeting customer expectations. I am certain that this is
not easily done having many companies with various needs and expectations.
Like Robert, I find Epicor a decent software company (although I wish they
did some/more unit testing) that needs to increase its interest in our
businesses and help us run them better than our competitors.

We'll see...

Mark W.