[OT] Access - Multiple Blank Pages

FYI - in case it happens to someone else...
I got around (but never figured out) the multiple pages issue by previewing the page and issuing a PrintOut command to print just page 1. Works pretty good even if it briefly flashes the report on the screen before it goes away.

I used the following in the procedure associated with the button the fires off the report:
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptFormalEmail", acPreview :Preview makes it an active window
DoCmd.PrintOut acPages, 1, 1 :Prints active window - 1st page only
DoCmd.Close acReport, "rptFormalEmail", acSaveNo :Close the report and don't prompt to save

-Todd C.

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For a number or reasons including using an off-Vantage Access DB, we print quotes from Access. I have a new version that uses a background picture as an under-lay and I print the data over it. Looks great but prints 3 blank pages after the one good one. I can not figure out where in Access this is happening. It is not printer specific (even happens when printing to PDF) but it does vary in that sometimes it prints the background on the 3 extra pages and sometimes not (just blank page). I have another identical version that prints on preprinted forms in the manual feed tray and it does not print extra pages. Just wondering if anyone has had issue like this with Access.

-Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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