OT Crystal Enterprise 8 - Error Reported by Database Dll when using

Our server with Crystal Enterprise 8 is dying (periodic blue screens
of death) and I need to get it up and running on a new temporary
server. We'll be upgrading to XI in several months in conjunction
with the Vantage 8.03 upgrade but we aren't ready to go there now.

I've got it all set up on a Windows 2000 server and I can run reports
on the server just fine through the CR 8.5 designer. When I try to
run it through Enterprise (actually using a URL) or browsing through
IIS, I get the following Error.

Error detect by database dll on Page Server.

I have learned through some testing that this error occurs when a
report has multiple tables joined by an Equal Join. If I create a
report with 1 table it works. If I create a report with left outer
joins it works. Business Objects won't support us because the
product is too old. As near as I can tell I have it set up exactly
like the old one that works, but is dying.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.