OT - New Group Moderator and Group Rules Reminder

Hey Everyone:


Because things have gotten too crazy for me at work lately, Brenda Mohr has graciously accepted to help me monitor our lovely list.  Brenda recently joined us back in 2012, but has garnered enough respect from people on this list that I thought she would be a good choice to help out.


Please welcome Brenda in her new role!


As a reminder for all the oldies and the newbies, the rules of our list:


1) No Epicor bashing, please.  Yes we may tend to vent once in a while, but please do not further a thread with your own bashing.  One warning only.

2) When posting a message please put your version of the software in either the subject line or the body of the message. 

We have a number of people who are on older versions and because of this sometimes people reply without knowing that and the message

becomes useless because it won't apply to your version.

3) We do tend to discuss topics that are not necessarily related to Vantage.  If you have a topic like that, please put "OT" in your subject line.

4) Be respectful to one another.


If you are a consultant, you have special rules we expect you to follow:


1) Do NOT sell your services to the group.  If you do, you get one warning.  The second time you do this you are banned from the group!

2) You MUST participate.  We want you to learn, but you must participate as well. 

   If we find that you are only taking from the group and not participating, you will be banned as well!


Thanks to everyone for making this a special group to be a part of…..


Manasa  (Group Moderator)

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