OT (SBS 2000 info transfer)


It would be easier to install Windows Server 2000/2003 (not SBS) on the
new server and move Vantage to that server than move SBS 2000. Because
SBS is integrated with Active Directory & Exchange you can encounter a
lot of problems when doing this. Moving SBS 2000 can be pretty ugly and
definitely not something you want to tackle yourself. There are a lot of
residual problems that you most likely will encounter.


Jason Claggett

2W Technologies, LLC



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I realize this is way of topic but i don't konw where else to turn. I am currently running Vantage on a server with SBS 2000 installed on it. I have a different server where I want to install SBS on so that the existing server will be dedicated to Vantage. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to transfer some or all the system data over the the new server such as: DNS and DHCP setup, User ids and related info?

Thank you,
Abe Klassen

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