OT: VB Forms and External 4GL Procedures


I want to modify a VBForm attached to the Part table. I have read
you can use the RunProg command to run external procedures via a button but
with limitations on the 4GL code within that external procedure. One thing
I am trying to do is add a button and fill-in field to the VBForm via the
Forms Designer. I want the field to automatically populate with the part
number. I also want the button to use that partnumber to query an external
tooling database (Access, SQL, Progress, whatever..) to get detailed
information on the part (Tool) to come up in another window. Their is so
little information available on Vantage Basic and utilizing External 4GL
Procedures from within a VBForm, I am having difficulty getting started.

My question's are:

1. Is this possible?
2. Where do I begin?
3. Does anyone know where I could find more detailed information on this
4. Does anyone have sample code I could look at?

Kevin Larkin
Ferguson Perforating

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