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My fellow vantageeers,
I have a Cisco 1300 wireless system connecting two buildings (about 3/4
of a mile). I've had this system for about 4 years with very
little trouble. I had a lightning strike last February and had to
replace one of the heads. Since that time, I am encountering
bogged down transmissions rates from time to time. Usually I get
response times of less than 1 ms when I ping across the network.
I am seeing 500+ ms now. After a reboot of the system (takes about 2
minutes), the response time are back in line with the usual.
Our Cisco expert says that it is due to interferrence from other
wirlesss sytems in the area. If that were the case, how would a reboot
At any rate, we've begun looking at other systems as our "expert" states
that wireless is not a good option for network business applications
for this very reason (interferrence). We do own a microwave license and
are leaning going to this private frequency.
But we have also received quotes from laser systems. They are about
half the price of microwave systems as was wondering if anyone is
using this technology and what your experience has been.
thanks a bunch.

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