OTS Address Uneditable in Release Detail

I’m having trouble figuring out why some sales orders have the OTS address grayed out in the Release Detail, but it’s showing up fine on the SO Header (with the OTS box checked too). Since this info isn’t populated on the release detail, Quickship isn’t able to validate the address. Any suggestions?

So this order is part of a pack? I think it’s read only if it’s been packed, shipped, or closed.

EDIT: I think the data on the release is only filled in if it differs from the header. In other words if you have an order for multiple OTS addresses then you can fill in the release to override the header.

There are many places in order entry where a blank value means “inherited from parent”. Things like NeedBy Date. You only need to set it in the header and all lines use it, unless specified otherwise. Same for a line’s releases.