Out of Memory - Uploading Pictures

Hello, one of my users is currently getting a “Out of Memory” issue on Epicor when uploading a Team Member Picture. Clearing the cache did not work. Was wondering if you guys have any feedback on this issue?

How big is the picture? What are the details of the error?

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We had the same issue and determined it was because Epicor tries to search and return images it already has after uploading the image you select. If you have a lot of large images it can quickly hit the few GB limit Epicor has for its memory.

Instead of using the Import button in the Image Search, I would suggest going to Image Maintenance and importing the image from there (Actions > Import).


It’s returning thumbed versions though so really that should be a finite size. They store both a full and thumb when you save an image.

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Try the 64bit client. I believe that worked for one of our users.

I usually only see “Out of Memory” due to the memory cache setting. If you have many different forms open with that setting turned it for example.
Changing the client config to limit results (for all searches) might fix it. Default is 100.

This person actually does not have this option available.