Outbound serialization - enter serial numbers

in customer shipment entry is there a way to paste insert serial numbers. Our serial numbers are not in a range. I am entering the 185 into an Excel sheet but testing out in our test database if we can “pre-enter” these to select when we go to ship them as opposed to entering 185 10-digit serial numbers manually.

Tracy, I wish this existed natively. I was hoping pack out would support this but it doesn’t either.
Do you have EMWW handhelds? You can scan serial numbers as you pick the orders. when you’re done picking the order, you can create the pack slip with the serials included.

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Hey Bryan, hope all is well.

We do have handhelds that we use with codes for MES machines. I could create a list of these as barcodes and then do that, we don’t use pick the order, just customer shipment entry, it is a kit so can’t mass ship but we can say the qty and then we are to the serial numbers…can I make it work in that way?

This is what we did as a customization. You may be able to use this for your purpose.


I’ve done this solution for a customer to import thousands of serials at once from a csv file. Due to the bulk of records, it’s multithreaded and has support for recognizing already selected serials.

Since it was commissioned work from a client - I cant share it - but I can implement this.

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