Output Format - SSRS

What I’m trying to do:

Display our On-Time Delivery report on a signage player that displays on a TV on the shop floor.

What I’ve Done so far:

Created the BAQ and SSRS report. Setup an automated task to email the report as a PDF to our key leadership team and myself. On my PC, I setup a script in Outlook to save the attached PDF to a specific location. Created a task, in task scheduler on my PC, that runs a batch file, that runs a VB script, to convert the PDF into a PNG and overwrite the old file that the signage player displays.

The signage player restarts every morning, after the process above runs, to refresh the display with new data.

The problem:

This is a convoluted setup with multiple pieces of code running at different points, in different software, to accomplish a task that could probably be done with less. This solution works but it’s not ideal and definitely not a best business practice. If I die tomorrow no one would be able to replicate or trace these steps without access to my specific Windows profile and PC.

What I would like to do:

Have Epicor email the report, which is already done, but also store the PDF somewhere specific on our network.

OR, if possible, have Epicor create an PNG or JPG and store it where it needs to be, removing the Outlook script and conversion script, I’m using on my pc, from the process.

The Questions:

Is it possible to create a file output format in Epicor for PNG or JPG images?

How do I setup an automated routing that places the file where I want, when I want?

Am I expecting too much from Epicor? lol

Thank you!

I’ve not done it from inside of E10 but SSRS does support image output.

Ref link


I will look into this and see what I can do. Thank you for the help. This might be exactly what I was looking for.

Also, do you have Epicor’s Advanced Printing and Routing (APR).
You can do some pretty fancy stuff with it.

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Are you tight on user licenses? If not just make a dashboard with an auto-refresh interval of 1 day, and display it on that TV.

@bordway, we do have APR. I haven’t done much with it yet though.

@ckrusen, We are tight on licenses but that’s not the only limiting factor. The signage player splits our TV into 4 “channels” or screen with different reports, weather, a few videos, ect. on each. It does a lot more than just display a single report lol.

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Unless… I made a web accessible dashboard and displayed it as a browser page in the signage player… Now that might be an idea. I didn’t even think about that earlier.

EDIT: My boss just informed me that we don’t use Epicor web server and not a viable option. So, I’ll be taking a look at advanced printing and routing and try to enable image outputs through SSRS.