Output of Barcode/QR Code Scan Into a textbox

Hello Guys,

Has Anyoce came Across Or done something similar please suggest.

Om MES-> Misc Ship Entry Screen On a Button Click it should open a Camera(System/handheld) and then Scan a Barcode/QR Code and Write it into a TextBox on the same screen.


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Can you not just click on the field and use a barcode scanner?

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I think OP is trying to use scanner to scan incoming barcodes into Epicor’s MES entry fields. Just not sure where they are trying to do this from.

I made a SSRS barcode adaptation to do something similar for MES Report Quantity using to Job Traveler (custom datamatrix) it will scan off of pdf embedded (on screen) or printed and fill the screen (Job → Asm → Op) up to the Qty field and wait there for input.

This seems like what they are wanting for their Misc Ship Entry screen. Pretty sure @hkeric.wci has done something like this with audible feedback to the scanning user, just not sure based on their description what exactly they are after here.