Overload Informer - Why is it overloaded?

I am trying to figure out the best way to track down the source of an overload. In overload informer, I can see several resources overloaded. We have finite scheduling turned on for these resources, so the global scheduling isn’t scheduling more than one job/op per resource. However, the op is somehow being scheduled for more hours than are available on that day. Most of the overload is just by a little bit. We have 16 hours of capacity. So, shouldn’t the global scheduling only schedule 16 hours per resource? Instead, I can see ops scheduled for 16.5 hours, 16.1 hours, 29.93 hours, etc…

Why didn’t global scheduling break up these ops into more days? How can I determine what is causing some of these operations to apply more than the available load in a single day?

Have you already tried upping your Log Level when running Global Scheduling?
I wouldn’t expect anything straightforward in the logs but… maybe some clues?

FWIW… I’ve accepted that the Overload Informer just points out the exceptions
( that I’ll deal with but… never really have time to get to the bottom of )