Packing slip amendments

My client is looking to update their packing slip, to add some fields and the new logo. They currently have Crystal reports and report builder available to them. Any thoughts on which would be a better bet to aid the editing process? I’m more familiar with Report Builder, but I’m thinking across the board for the business rather than my personal preference


It depends on what format the report is in. The default packing slip is a SSRS report so they will want to use Report Builder. You can’t edit Crystal Reports in Report Builder and you can’t edit SSRS reports in Crystal. You have to use the report builder that’s specific to the report type.

I suspect its SSRS so that answers that one for me! Thank you

Apologies if these queries seem a little dumb, but this is the first time I’ve used Epicor. Previously ERP software I’ve used have had a report designed built in that is a bit cleaner to use

Epicor doesn’t have anything like that to my knowledge. Everything is SSRS reports built from data definitions.

All reports are in SSRS from Epicor ERP 10 version on wards.
Epicor 9 had crystal reports.