Packing Slip in 8.03.409

There are multiple problems with packing slips that started showing up in 8.03.409. First the company name wouldn't print at the top of the packing slip. It was printing from the CalcCompany address fields which weren't populated. I modified it to print straight from the company file. A one-off fix became available that populated the CalcCompany fields. At the same time part numbers and descriptions didn't print, kit heading lines printed when there wasn't a sales kit, reference and our part headings printed when there weren't any references or customer part numbers. I discovered that a report option was checked that I couldn't find checked in any other Vantage report. It wasn't checked in prior versions of the packing slip. It's the "Convert Database NULL Values to Default" report option. According to Crystal Report help this converts NULL values to "" or 0. This stops the "isnull" check from working work. I unchecked it and all the odd things happening in the report went away. I reported it to Epicor. They put out a one off for the part number and description not printing, but they just modified the formula's "If" statement to include = "". The headings were still wrong. Again, unchecking the convert NULL values report option fixed things. Epicor closed my call. I had to open another one for the extra headings. I reported my findings again. I received another one off that fixed the kit headings problem. Again the box was still checked and more "if" statements were modified. The reference and our part headings were still wrong. Unchecking the convert NULL values report options fixed things. If any of you are having problems with Epicor's packing slip try changing the report options. It's much simpler than trying to track down all "isnull" checks and modifying them!