Page and Field Navigation in Configurator

I would like to go to another field and or open another page and select the field to enter next. I can change the visability from the “On Field Change” expresion but I can’t figure out how to select it. I assume I will need a c# statement. What would that be or where can I find the reference to it.

You’d probably have to do that in a Customization of the released ConfigurationRuntimForm. If that is even possible.

And even then, I’d be leery that the your customization code would interfere with the base configurator code created by the Configurator Designer.

@tecanswer @ckrusen is correct. The methods to change pages are on the ConfigurationController which cannot be accessed in the configurator, unless someone knows a clever trick I haven’t found.

You can set the focus on a input like so:


but that won’t work for controls that are on other pages.

Configurators are pretty restrictive. Whats the goal behind what you are trying to do? Maybe we can think of an alternative solution.

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I can’t get that to work on controls on the same page. I added that to a button Click, and the button retains focus.

What type of control are you giving focus to? I haven’t found it reliable with anything other than text inputs.

I just did a quick test, having a button click give a numeric editor (on the same page) the focus.

Changing it to give focus to a textbox, does as expected.

I needed to Focus on textbox. And that solved one issue.
I have 3 pages of fields for inputs A - BZ. it would be nice when I fill the first page it goes to the second and so on.

Do you need distinct pages?

Or was this a way of not having to scroll down through 78 rows, on a single page?

I have NOT found a way to change pages (forward or reverse) with any controls. I have asked for this as an enhancement. Another enhancement would be to enable Saving via code… since we can now create a button, it would be nice if we could have the button activate the save/next page rather than requiring the user to figure out that there is an arrow and save button at the top of the screen.


I’m trying to Save from code but I can’t get the required Tablesets for the saving methode of Configurator Runtime: SavePcValueConfiguration. Were you able to do that @timshuwy ?

no, i have not gotten this to work.

I have a reference issue trying to use the adapter from Client UD method. Now I’m trying to use reflection and trigger the SaveButton by accessing EpiBaseForm in EpiTransaction. Pain in the *** :frowning:

@tecanswer I think u can do what you need with this method!