Page setup missing from dashboard assembly version

I switched a dashboard to assembly instead of run time and now the page setup menu item is gone. So when people print off the daily sheet they have no way of saving their page setup and are quite irritated at me. Any idea how I can get that back?

Epicor Support has confirmed this is a bug…

Hi Evan I have reported this bug and will be reviewed by Development I will let you know when they accept it and when to expect the fix for this

A few hours later…

Hi Evan, I got a response from development:

“Dashboard assembly and Dashboard runtime have different behaviors by design, this particular behavior is not considered a bug”

So they rejected the problem, the only thing left to do is to contact a consultant and see if they can design a customization that will bring up the Page settings that Runtime brings

I am sorry that there is not anything else we can do for this, let me know if you have any more questions

Obviously that isn’t very satisfying… Does anyone here know if it would be possible to bring up the page setup window through a customization?

What’s the reason you switched the dashboard from runtime to assembly? Out of curiosity.

I had to make a customization to have the text wrap… to make it printable >.<

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Oh the irony in that is too much! lol.

I probably won’t be much help. I avoid printed reports like the plague. I make my users copy it into excel and they can format it how they want. Do you have rest set up? You could run the query through excel and they could print it from there.

I’ve pulled data into Excel with REST before, but I had to enter my Epicor Credentials. I’m not too sure about everyone using the spread sheet through my credentials – would that be a problem?

Hold on. The Setup Page missing from AppBuilt is not “By Design” - it was an oversight and I will have it reviewed.

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