Parent Quote?

Can anyone shed any light on the Parent Quote functionality. We can’t seem to find much info on it. We do have the CRM module but we can’t find the relationships listed anywhere for a quote with a parent.


From my experience, its just a reference field, it does nothing and you must populate it if you think you might want to use it with some future Dashboard / Report.

I forced our users to fill it out and built a little drop-down to select Quote-Type in order to build a dynamic dashboard, in the past. If you Duplicated a Quote I populated it in the BPM etc…

But Epicor didnt do anything with it from what I know. In the Epicor SDK it only is reference in like 2-3 lines of code, poor field gets no action. :slight_smile:


For a company that does a lot of quoting and requoting, they used one quote as an opportunity and then each detailed quote linked to that opportunity. It made removing duplicate quotes from totals easier.

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