Parental Control on Apple iPhone makes this site Restricted

I turned on Parental control on my phone, restricting all “adult” content (just don’t want/need to see that stuff)… turns out that THIS site is now restricted. Somehow, we need to get this site off the restricted list. Error message I receive is

You cannot browse this page at "" because it is restricted.

I know that I can override this, but thought maybe something could be done from the website itself to make it appear friendly to iphone/ipad users.

I have no idea how to even do that or why it would be restricted? I can’t find any information about how apple determines this either…

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well… i got around the restriction on my phone by adding this site to the safe list… just irritating that it is so restrictive. Maybe there is some marker that websites can add to make them “safe” automatically. I know it is not your fault, but the fault of not having a correct “safe” standard by which to use for better filtering.

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If its restricted on all those domains, they probably have a registry your App Pings - so just need to submit the website url to the app registry and have the app publisher mark it safe, or as you did whitelist it.

Same with SonicWall/WatchGuard/Avast/SOPHOS – they all have a registry, and sometimes websites get categorized wrong.

I ran a chat board for sports talk, and it would come up as restricted. I think because of the ability to communicate with other people.

Oh :poop:, do you think it’s our language?

Maybe the common use of ‘XXX’ in posts for generic P/N’s, trans, etc…

Or maybe all the posts with “trans” in them.

The Filters don’t like us…