Part Advisor - Est Material cell

Can someone tell me where this est. & actual material number pulls from, does not match anything I can find in job status or job tracker. Is this a quantity of some sort? What am I missing here. Field help and tech details does not give me much. The Actual Total Cost of the job matches the Job tracker, just not sure about these two numbers.
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The actual costs are the sum of costs for any material issued to the job. You can see the transactions that go into the sum from the material transaction tab in job tracker. You can also look in part tracker to see unit costs, but keep in mind these can change over time depending on the costing method. The estimated cost is how much the quantity of material specified in the job method will cost at the time the job was created.

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I apologize, I must be missing something, did you say what the two items circled in red tie back to specifically?

I tried, sorry for the confusing wording!

Actual Material Cost:

If you got to the material transaction tab in job tracker and retrieve all material transactions for every material on the job (you have to do it individually), then sum up the “Ext. Cost” of those transactions, you will get your “Actual Material Cost”.

For estimated material cost, that’s calculated by multiplying each material’s “Required qty” by its costing method’s unit cost and summing it all. The “required qty” can be found in job tracker material detail tab along with the unit cost. The unit cost can also be pulled from part tracker.


Yes I did this, I know how to get these total cost numbers of $94,013.65. I do not understand what the Actual Material amount of 622.60695 represents. This does not match an actual material qty or standard cost of the materials on this job, I cannot tie it back to anything obvious.

Nevermind, I figured it out. Thank you.

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Sorry, I don’t usually use part advisor for costs and now I’m a little confused by the question. It looks like that 622.60695 is just the material unit cost for each completed part on the job, not the total material cost (like job tracker’s costs shows). $94,013.65 / 151 completed parts = 622.60695

Me neither, that is why I have no clue LOL. I figured out the Est. Material 425.30982 and you just gave me the Actual Material. Thank you!!