Part Checkout

Question: If a Sales Order has been entered for a part 12345 at Rev A for example. And Rev A is checkout out by Engineering, will the Rev be REMOVED from the Sales Order?

Hi Judy,

No, checking out a part revision will not remove any data from the sales order.


Thank you for your reply - much appreciated!

I have another question, perhaps you can help.

When a Sales Order is entered and the part number added Epicor picks up the approved method/rev, correct? But if the part does not have an approved method nothing show’s up under Rev. Do you know of a way that the system can alert the person entering the SO that there is not an Approved Rev.

Or, do you know of any other transaction that may remove a Rev from a Sales Order and in this case it hasn’t necessarily been because of a Rev change.

Any help would be appreciated - Thank you

You can use a BPM to detect a Sales Order Line being saved with no Rev specified. Are you familiar with creating BPMs?

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Hi Judy,

I agree with Mark, use a BPM to remind user they must select a revision if they have not done so.
On the other question, I do not know of any transaction that would remove a rev from a sales order automatically. Perhaps you should turn auditing on the PartRev field. I find the audit log a lifesaver when trying to figure out how we got somewhere problematic…

I do not know if it could be helpful, so in case it is, here’s what we do for parts entered on order with no revision / method created yet. User enters the part on order; Part is setup in part master as mfrd and nonstock. Therefore it gets a “make direct” check on the order release. Engineering sees the new planning suggestion on the Planning workbench and this is their cue to get the method created / approved.


Thank you for the advice. I will look into the Engineering Planning Workbench idea and the BPM!!!

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That would be awesome. I am not familiar with BPM’s but was considering writing a quick BAQ that would list Orders just entered with our Part Name, Customers Part Name, Customers PO#, and our SO# AND most importantly the Rev.

Thank you for the idea - now I’ll go check what BPM’s are all about!