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I am new to this forum, so i don’t know how address the msg directly to you, So I used the reply thread

The question i have is Why in method tracker Part cost is Zero, it is a std part, and in the Part tracker the std cost is zero, When i view cost in method tracker it accurately states total cost, but the Part cost is Zero, I tried to cost roll too, but no result, So what I am missing Thanks and warm regards Sunil

Welcome Sunil!

For discoverability, it’s best to start new questions with a new topic related to your question. I’ve moved your question to its own topic. @Beth will be able to find it easier.


Mark W.

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Hi Sunil,

You said that you cost rolled the part, correct? When you are doing that, there is a report that you generate before posting. What does the report say? There are many things that could cause this: Do you have quantities for your material? Do the materials have cost on them? Do you have a burden rate set up for any machines associated with the operation? And there are several more questions. You need to review each part of the method to make sure you have everything set up for it (costs for material, labor and machine burden). And that is just the start of it.



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Thanks, will check on those