Part Display Error when opening from Part Entry

Hello friend,

In Part Display Form load code, I am writing oTrans.Refresh() code ( as before I am updating some record before this). I m doing oTrans.Refresh because when part is load, I want that latest changes automatically. But I am getting error like below screenshot

If I remove this oTrans.Refresh Code , it will Open Part Display (by right click from Part Entry) without error but the latest updated code will not reflect. When manually clicking refresh then it will appear with latest changes.

I would like to know under what event or what code I need to write to get automatic refresh when part/part display is load from right click (context menu) from parent form (like part entry etc)

If I write in Part_EpiView Notification still error come same so i cant write oTrans.refresh in that too.
I have been stuck from past 10 days. Request to kindly share your valuable comments.
Thank You


I also tried oTrans.RefreshCurrentPart but still it didn’t work.
Kindly let me knows if you have some inputs…thank you.