Part Maintenance - Customer Part Cross Reference - Does it work?

Anyone able to enter a customer part number (from customer part cross reference) in Part Maintenance and have it automatically load your part number? Also, if this number exists as a part master # and cross ref #, do you get a popup window to choose?

Finally, do you have this same functionality when adding Sales Order entry line?

If so, please provide Epicor version that you are on.

(this all works for us in E9, but not able to make it work in E10 testing)


I found this thread about this topic. Part Maintenance - Customer Part# auto-resolves to Our Part#

Someone in there says that entering the customer cross-reference part number into part maintenance and returning your part number was likely a bug and not supported.

I have a version of running and it works in the Sales Order Entry screen because that is customer specific. I understand in part maintenance that this is convenient, but it could be a many to one. In that case the same functionality in ERP9 could be used with the pop-up.

The thread above also seems to have a workaround for ERP10.

Hope this helps a little,


Thank you. After some testing I see that the cross-reference feature works fine in Part Advisor, but not in Part Maint and Part Tracker. I’m confused why it works fine in all of these areas of E9, but only Advisor in E10… will be a shock for users who are so used to typing in customer part numbers in Part Maint.