Part Number/Description on Sales Order Acknowledgement prints Jumbled after upgrade

After we up graded from 10.2.400 to 10.2.700 the Part Number/Description Field randomly prints jumbled on various forms such as the Sales Order Acknowledgement, also it’s happened on a packing slip.

We are able to pull the same forms out of our document archive and these same forms printed the same Part Number/Description correctly on previous orders of the same part, same customer.

Any help is appreciated!

Can you show us a screen shot?

Same part, just a year and an upgrade apart.

Did you upgrade SQL/SSRS as well or just Epicor?

Your issue has to do with the handling of line feeds, carriage returns and maybe tabs too. I’ve run into this before but never tracked down exactly what changed in the upgrade to cause it (not sure if it was something on the Epicor side or SQL/SSRS).

It can be corrected with some code in SSRS that basically does a find and replace of certain character codes. Let me see if I can dig that up for you.

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Thank you for looking into this!

I think we just upgraded Epicor.

Here is what worked for me in the past:

=REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(Fields!Calc_LineDesc.Value, CHR(13), vbcrlf), CHR(10),vbcrlf),vbcrlf+vbcrlf,vbcrlf)
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Thank you, I really appreciate the help!