Part revisions

While setting up new part revisions, I came across this and I was wondering if anyone can help me understand this. While setting up a new part revision, the Use Stage Numbers box got checked somehow and now I am unable to uncheck it because it got grayed out after saving the part revision. Can someone help me understand what triggers this box to be checked? Is there a way to reverse this? What purpose does this serve? Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!

It appears that once the revision is initially saved, that check box is permanent.
To fix you’ll have to delete the revision and remake.

Can also see field help, though it isn’t super helpful here.

It also may help to hide unused fields. We have hidden a lot.

If you’re creating a new rev from EngWrkB

And you tick use ‘Staging Numbers’

You must have staging numbers configured using Staging Number Maintenance. It will automatically be ticked when you check it back in.

If you accidently ticked it. You can check it out and untick it before you recheck in and approve but it will be read only if it came from the EngWrkB side :slight_smile:

Just don’t tick: Use staging numbers


Thank you

I did not click Stage Numbers. And we do not have any staging numbers configured. I’m not sure why this happened

staging is a “cool feature” but it can be a little confusing. Instead of specify the physical operation, you instead would specify the STAGE at which materials are consumed. This allows for more flexible operation definition. example: you can create stages:

  1. Machinging
  2. Assembly
  3. Packaging
    Then you can define lots of operations, and point each operation at which “stage” they belong to
    THEN when you are assigning materials, instead of pointing them to the operation, you choose a stage. When the job is created, it will find the first operation that has that stage and assign the materials to the stage.

You are correct in that you cannot flip to using stages once you have an operation, you must create the operation AND choose that you want to use stages. Once you do this, then inside the Engineering workbench, you can now choose the stage on the material screen.


That is cool! Thank you for explaining. :smiling_face:

Follow up question: has anyone tried to uncheck it with an updatable dashboard? I’m wondering if that could work. :thinking: