Part Search - Parts starting with 1110-

We have a bunch of parts that start with 111- and then another large set of parts that start with 1110-. When a user types in “starting at: 1110-”, the result set always returns those parts starting with 111-. Even if the user adds another number, say starting at “1110-5”, the results begin at 111-

Any suggestions?

Epicor does not seem to handle dashes well when doing searches as you see. It is probably some ASCII level thing?

For some companies with dashes in their parts, I have created a Starts With quick search for parts and made this the default. It seems to work better (still not perfect) than the out of the box search.



This was brought up a few weeks ago. The particular point in that thread was the sorting by part number, where dashes throw it off. I’ll try to find that thread

Edit: here it is

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I see that I can remove the sort, but I can’t figure out how to save that on the part search form.

Nevermind… right-click, save layout

We are on an old version of E10 and this is a problem - I’m pretty amazed that this far into the E10 lifecycle that this is still broken.

I get that there is a workaround but from an implementation perspective you go to all the time and effort and cost putting in E10 and the users get annoyed and scoff at the whole endeavour because the part search doesn’t work like the old version.

I’m sure it is some architecture limitation with SQL Server but can this please just get fixed.