Part Suggestion PartlDtl Quantity Logic


Epicor 10 gives Part Suggestion when MRP is running. Like in PartDtl table, it giving Unfirm Job Num and Quantity also. I need to know logic internally how this Quantity is calculation bcz quantity for unfirm job is coming high and its giving date range for entire year.
For eg Part XXX (its a material Part also) shows Quantity as 3000 and start date will show 3 year back date like 2018 and Due date is 2022.

Also, is there any way where we can split the suggestion Qty of entire year into monthly. Is there any configuration setting in Part Level or anywhere in Epicor. This will be helpful as it will not overload the resources when Qty will be split into smaller.

I am not getting how this calculation is happening internally.

Thank You.

Several things to check but the other experts will certainly have more ideas:

  • Are you allowing historical dates when running MRP? If so, why? It will never be reality.
  • Look at the time phase to see where the 3000 comes in from a timing perspective
  • Finally, on the Part Site tab, check the values of your modifiers (Max, Min, Days of Supply, Lead Time, etc.)