Part Tracking/Lot Tracking through Mfg Process in Vantage/Epicor 9.x

We are a Honda OEM Parts supplier.

Over the years, we have never actually fully implemented/ integrated our
AMM module with full use of tracking parts throughout the entire
production process.

Previously it was felt it was too much work and would distract our
associates from actual production work. So we have ended up using the
back flush feature of recording production and back flushing our child
parts usually at the Final Process Only.

As we have now put more emphasis on accurate inventory tracking of parts
through our processes, it has become apparent that our existing methods
cannot carry us to that level of accuracy. Additionally we currently do
a lot of manual recording of lot numbers of our child parts at each
stage of the process and need to find a way of tracking of lot numbers
so we can have automated traceability in case of a recall or material
concerns. I know that back flushing is not an option with lot tracked

The concern though is still to not put any significant time constraints
on our production associates that would add to the cycle time of
producing our parts as we develop new methods to automate our part
tracking through our processes.

We have BOMs that are 9 or more levels. We start with Steel to create
majority of our key parts and add 41 or more individual purchased child
parts through multiple operations as part of the manufacturing process.

We are currently looking at how RFID technology may help us in this
endeavor with the intent of not having to have barcode printers at each
process in order to generate new paper labels. However were not married
to that technology if it doesn't prove practical.

The other concerns expressed based on our current existing Vantage use
(8.0.811B) is performance. We have been told that any transaction or
operation such as printing label, etc should not take longer than 15 to
20 seconds to occur. We know that if we expect to use Vantage, we would
want to upgrade to a current proven production version (9.x version)

I know that the features - the lot traceability, tracking flow of parts
through the plant, etc - are features found in Vantage/Epicor 9, but the
question is the ease of operation and the workload required for
production associates of using the system.

Are there any Vantage/Epicor 9 users that are using this kind of detail
using Vantage/Epicor Software? Is anyone open to us visiting them? Any
in Ohio or neighboring states? (don't necessarily have to be using RFID,
although that would be nice)

I would appreciate any assistance that anyone could give us. Thanks!

Jerry W. Rodden

Staff Administrator

Production Planning

Cardington Yutaka Technologies Inc

Phone: 419-864-8777 ext. 6209

FAX: 419-864-7771


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