Part Transactions - CommitTransfer event

E 10.1.400.18 - I have been a tasked with setting a UD field on the PartTran table to the type of STK-STK transaction being used. The three types are ‘QtySplit’, ‘InvMove’, and ‘Drop’. This is for a SigmaNest plate optimization implementation. They have asked us to define the type of STK-STK transaction so they can sync their inventory with ours.

I have added a UD field on the PartTran table named ‘STKSTKType’ as a string. I now have to set this field. I tried to use the CommitTransfer event of the InvTransferAdapter as a trigger and do it in C# code. But the event never fires. Is there a better way to do this?

There’s your problem…

You’d be better off using a UD table with the PartTran.TranNum as a key, to hold whatever you were going to add to the PartTran.

That’s a good idea but I still need to know when the transfer was committed.

Are the transfers strictly from the Transfer Inventory program? If so, enable tracing, then see which BO’s are called.

If it wasn’t a system table, I’d have said that you could use a DD to fire after a new STK-STK tran is added. But you don’t want to add that overhead to a table that gets touched more than any other in the DB.

No. There are three places where a STK-STK transaction could occur. We have a customization and I am not having any issues with that one. The second and third
are the Inventory Transfer form and the Quantity Adjustment form. When I run a trace on the Inventory Transfer screen, the CommitTransfer method of the BO Erp.Proxy.BO.InvTransferImpl. When I do an ‘AfterAdapterMethod’ on the CommitTransfer event of the
Erp.Adapters.InvTransferAdapter, it never fires.

Data Directive may be the only route here throwing the STKSTKType value into the CallContextBpmData and copying it over to the PartTran UD field or into a UD
table. I just do not want to go down that road.


So you’re trying to do it as a customization in the UI?

Have you tried to do it as a BPM (BO: InvTransfer, Method: CopmittTransfer)?