We have places to the right of the decimal point in our Unit Price field in Part Maintenance. however when we try to enter a unit price of 0.126 per 1 each, it gets converted to 0.13.

We really need to be able to price with 3-5 places after the decimal point.

Any idea how to get Epicor NOT to round this?



I think it’s controlled by the Currency master:

Displayed in Company Configuration:


Is currency master a separate module? I found a reference to it, but couldn’t actually find it anywhere… What is the path?

Currency Master Maintenance

Vinay Kamboj

Thanks. Found it under Financial Mgt > A/R > Setup.

One of the help files listed it directly under Financial Mgt, which is why I didn’t see it.

Sam, just a tip that you may find helpful in the future when looking for a menu is the Menu Search.

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And in Active Home Page

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@tsmith picking up another solution, nice work!