Part UOM has been used - Part Specific

We are trying to change the UOM Outer factor value for part number, but system does not allow it. It is a part-specific UOM.
All other UOM under part-specific can change.


I check in PartUOM table. This UOM has been used.

Where can I check the transactions that showed it had been used?

Once a UOM has been used it will not allow change the factor. You can try the override checkbox after reducing the quantity to zero. This checkbox also sometimes does not work.

“Has been used” remains set even if the transaction that set it has been deleted. Support mentioned that it can also be set just by using the part in a MoM. I think I’ve seen this happen once. In any case, if you’re sure the conversion isn’t used in any currently existing historical data, support can create a data fix to clear the used flag.