Partalloc table

epicor version: 9.05.701

There is a table called partalloc which holds some good information.
However, this info is cleared when the sales order is shipped.
Is there a table that holds the historic data?
In particular im looking for the date allocated.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t believe that there is such a ‘history’ (even in E10). Probably best if you wanted such a thing to add a UD Field to the OrderRel table to show when the inventory was allocated to that release. Adding a change log would really cause LOTS of commotion to the system.

Take a look to the parttran table

I am pretty sure the allocation date is not in parttran.

Data directive on parallel and populate a udtable?

just to confirm - nothing in parttran table.

Hi thanks for this,
I can do a customisation to bring in a field like orderrel.date03 for eg but how would i then populate that field with the allocation date?

thanks in advance.