PartDtl Requirement Discrepancy


I am using the PartDtl table to create a manufacturing multi part time phase dashboard. There are a few issues that arise. I am using the RequirementFlag in PartDtl to determine the Demand and Supply of a parts (equivalent to sum(pending requirements) and sum(pending receipts). An issue is that a job and quantity can be marked as both a receipt and a requirement in PartDtl. For example, in time phase this part has a SO with a requirement of 6 and a job that is making 295 to stock leaving the projected balance at 487.

In my BAQ it is counting both the SO and Job in Demand (RequirementFlag = 1) and then the Job again in Supply (RequirementFlag = 0). This gives a Demand of 301 which instead should be 6. The Supply is right at 295. This then affects further calculations.
I made a simpler BAQ to find this result.

How is it possible that this job is being counted as both a Requirement and Receipt in PartDtl and how can I work around this?

I am also having issues where closed jobs are being included in PartDtl. Why is this occurring?

Have you looked in the data dictionary for this table? There are a few criteria for what the lines actually mean. See PartDtl.SourceFile especially. Also its relationships with the PartSug table

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SourceFile was helpful here. Thanks! Looks like JO (JobOper) was being counted as a requirement where as JH (JobHead) was the receipt for the same job. I just filtered SourceFile <> JO in the demand subquery and it seems to have fixed the calculation issues.

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