Partial Shipments - Add Rcv'd Qty from Multiple Receipts per Line in BAQ

Hello all,

I have created a dashboard that displays raw material receipts as they arrive. I am having trouble working with partial shipments.


If order qty was 500 and we receive 400, the receipt line will appear on dashboard as 400/500 and not “Complete.” (I am using “RcvDtl.OurQty” and OrderQty)

However, when we receive the last 100, instead of using “Our Qty” on dash, I would like to display the sum of all receipts applied to that line. So now I want to show 500 of 500 received on dashboard. The way I have it set up now, when we receive the last 100, the dash will show 100 of 500 and it will look like another partial shipment. Is there a way in my BAQ to sum previous receipts applied to that line?

You can either group and sum from the BAQ, or you can do grouping/summing on the grid direct.

You will have to leave off the identifying items that would prevent grouping (like packing slip number in this case) to get the grouping to work. Then a nice solution to see all of the packing slip numbers is to have another query that subscribes from one grid to the next so you can see all of the receipts against that PO line, or release depending on your use case.

You can get around the grouping issue by using subqueries and just linking back in the info you need. I dont have any good data in the system I am working in (the receipts arent against orders, which i tried to use to get exp qty), but I slapped together a sloppy baq to demonstrate

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Awesome - an unexpected solution victory :smiley: Glad this worked for you!