PartPlant.ProcessMRP will not allow to be checked

In our Public Cloud environment - on 10.2.300.8 the part entry process does not allow saving the PartPlant.ProcessMRP field to True.
When I create a new part in the Pilot environment the PartPlant.ProcessMRP does not save as True which is the default. In the Live environment it works.
We have just done some major data loads into Pilot.
It was working before -

Anyone have an Idea?

Make sure the part is not marked Phantom or Non-Stock. I just tested it when I changed the Non Stock and Phantom BOM it grayed out Process MRP. I had to remove all those boxes and recheck Qty Bearing to get the Process MRP to come back. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply Kimberly.
To solve this problem we wrote over the database with a clean image.
The cause was not determined, and at this time, we are able to check the MRP box (it actually checks itself)