Parts master Description and Search term

On description/search....our part numbers are basically the customer's part since everything we do is "custom" (stampings). But internally the shop views every part as the tooling ID to make the part. So the first portion of all descriptions, and thus the search word, is the tool ID for the part's die set. This makes it fairly easy to sort reports on tool ID or part and on job traveler the part description always gives them the tool to pull.

We pretty much don't use Class for manufactured parts. 90%+ ends up being "Raw Material" for purchased parts.

Group....we have 4 for our production parts and they all have descriptions that start with a "space" character so that they always appear first in drop down lists. The purchased parts are in a coded scheme we have used for ages (way back to DCD Classic) where the code describes the material and attributes (like 3A5 = STEEL, COLD ROLLED, 1/2 HARD) and there are a couple hundred of them people actually have memorized.

90% of the time in Vantage the actually code is not used by the users (just in reports) and people select from drop down lists sorted on the description. Often in descriptions I used the code as the first characters so users can type the first few and instantly pop down to near what they need.

So my number one tip I guess would be if something is used the vast majority of the time then prefix the description with a space so it sorts at the top of the drop down list and can be selected faster.

-Todd C.

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We're starting to get down to the nitty gritty of our Vantage pilot and entering some Parts Master info.
We have the definitions of the fields, but are still learning all of the effects they have downstream.
Any words of wisdom about the use of or gotcha's for the following fields:


Bruce Ordway

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