PartWhse records w/blank warehouse

We occasionally end up with PartWhse records with a blank warehouse. The company and part number are valid. There is a SysRowID and SysRevID; all other fields are blank or 0. One of the data scrub find/fix programs from Epicor deletes PartWhse records w/blank warehouse. I’d like to go a step further and eliminate having to periodically run the fix.I added a post-processing BPM for the Part.Duplicate method in a test database (our parts are duplicated, not sure the last time one was added from scratch). Pre-processing doesn’t find the blank warehouse, it only shows up in post-processing. The post-processing BPM loops thru the PartWhse records for the duplicated part looking for a PartWhse with a blank warehouse and quantities of 0. If it finds one, it deletes it and sends me an email notifying me of the action. Is it ok to do this or am I “playing with fire”?

I am just noticing this exact behavior in our E9.05.702 environment, but only with SalesKits. Just in the last 2-3 weeks, every kit that we have sold/shipped in the last 4 years has decided to enter a negative quantity into the PartWhse table with a WarehouseCode that is blank. You mentioned that there was a data scrub find/fix program that you would run regularly to clear these erroneous records. Can you tell me which program that is? I’m currently reviewing the “Database Conversions” listing in the Admin Tools, but there are quite a few items in there that could potentially correct this. Any help that you could provide will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Any chance this is caused by Case Sensitivity when entering transactions? Maybe you can find the screen or process causing and use drop-down or field validation there.
I had posted here a while back about using numbers instead of letters for Plant and Warehouse codes., obviously difficult to change after you implement.

Not the case here. We started selling sales kits about 4 years ago. Everything has been processing just fine, with no erroneous PartWhse entries until a couple of weeks ago. The only transactions for these sales kits are “KIT-CUS” that are generated at shipping. Then, a couple of weeks ago something triggered to consolidate all of the quantities of those “KIT-CUS” entries into a negative value that is now “sitting in a warehouse named ’ '”. I can’t just enter an Inventory Adjustment because these are sales kits, and therefore are not a quantity-bearing item.

In my case, the appropriate remediation was to run Database Conversion 6430 “Recalculate Part OnHand/Allocation summaries” from Epicor Admin Tools.