PartWip Table

Does anybody know the purpose of this table? I’m seeing records dating back from when we first implement Epicor in 2012, with the majority of the records being Service Jobs that are closed. Should we be concerned?



Data Dictionary is your friend
in E9 this is in System Management menu

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Thanks Jose. Do you know if it affects any cost or has any implications on the GL side if records are not purged?

it does not…it’s a pretty isolated table.

Should I try to purge(and how so) any of the records or just leave them as is?

I’m not well versed in the Service side jobs. Are we missing something that we should be doing so these records get cleared out, since majority of them are from Service Job?

the kosher way to do it is through the interface. Technically you should have a record available in the material queue for every entry-ish. Try and process them or delete them from the queue.