Pass CallContextBPMData.Character01 to RDD generated report

I realize this has been discussed here a number of times before… even I have been able to get this working before, I dont know what am I missing this time.
I developed a BOM BAQ report using RDD > added BAQ parameter as criteria prompt on RDD > created Report style and generated RDL report.
Next, I want to add a couple more input fields on the report form. For a BAQ report, i have been using ReportParam.Character01 or similar fields and able to access them from database. I customized some system report forms to add CallContextBPMData fields and add EpiBinding and able to access them from database.
But for this report, my data is not populating in database when I link a textbox to CallContextBPMData field.


Maybe a fresh set of eyes can catch something i been missing all along.
Thank you in advance,

I’ve just encountered a very similar issue, not with a BAQ Report, but with an RDD with a BAQ as the data source. Same results though, I never seem to get the Character0x values to display in the SSRS report.
Did you ever figure out what Epicor was expecting here?

I ended up taking different route.
I believe there are bunch of forum posts and i was able to stitch it all together.
First you create report data prompts:

then i created those fields in a data source as follows:

then created parameter using those field:

then used this parameter to filter my dataset:

Maybe there is simpler ways out there to accomplish this but this is what i ended up doing.
Hopefully this helps.