Patch 313 is OK (for now!) was v5 313 patch warning!

Here's what's happening... Vantage has a bug that causes the
BOM flag (part.method) to remain stuck on when a part is changed
from "manufactured" to "purchased" even when there are no BOM
or routing records. This makes the system look for bom and
routing records when rolling up standard cost. Of course it
finds nothing so it uses zero costs. What should happen is
that the BOM flag should clear when there is no BOM or routing.
Then the rollup would use the purchase price.

You can fix this problem by either...

1. Always create a new part number when changing from manufactured
to purchased. Not always a good idea.

2. Delete the revision then add it back in. You loose your change
log this way.

3. Write a provision program to clear the bom flag.

ON write of part override do: end.

FOR EACH part WHERE company='gmi' AND partnum='56-2214':

Joe Konecny wrote:
> Do not load the v5 313 patch if you depend on having...
> 1. A correct BOM cost report.
> 2. A correct standard cost rollup.
> 3. A correct unit cost displayed in part tracker.
> Tech has reproduced these problems on our database but
> have not confirmed a bug yet.
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