Payment Files in a Hosted Solution

So we are on 10.0.700.4 and we run it in a hosted environment (but not SaaS). Our European unit uses SEPA files to transmit payments. Currently, the files are created on the server at the hosting facility. We could use remote desktop to retrieve them and drop them into the folder for the bank to sweep but it would be nice if we could retrieve the file through the Smart Client.

Right now I’m thinking of making the folder where Epicor stores the files available through IIS (with a security group behind it of course). This way, I could do an http get and retrieve the file and save it to the bank folder. Users with the proper security could also browse the folder if it needed to be downloaded a second time.This could apply to other files generated on remote/hosted servers.

Interested in any other ideas you all might have.


Mark W.

How are the files generated (are they out of Epicor somehow?) if so you could just store the files content in a UD table and then retrieve those contents in the client…

E10 creates the files during AP Payment Entry. Hmm. You do have some control over the file creation though. If you look in the Server\Erp\EI folder (Electronic Interface), you have the ability to customize the file creation. It’s just an XMLWriter in the case of SEPA files. I suppose after creation, one could re-open the file and write it into various nvarchars or into blob of a UD table and then retrieve that in a Post-Process BPM where one could then write it to the Bank folder.

Food for thought…

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