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I posted to off topic because I’m not sure if in the end I will use some Epicor sanctioned method of payment gateway or if I will ultimately roll my own. This is more or less a data collection post as I haven’t done a gateway implementation in some time, but what I need is the ability to process payments within Epicor and our Wordpress website with either card or direct transfer. At the least does anyone know of a gateway partner that will accept direct transfer? I’m guessing PayPal will crop up quite a bit and maybe that’s who we integrate with, but just curious to hear what others have done.

The new epicor credit card EPX is supposed to be really nice and competitive with PayPal

Stripe is great… until you start doing large transactions and your fees murder your profits.

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Our EbizCharge solution can integrate with both your site and Epicor directly. There’s another thread back in march that talks about other options you have as well to reference in this forum.

We use EPX but are going to look at switching to Ebiz Charge.

What don’t you like about EPX vs the other one? We are evaluating EPX at the moment

Hey Josh,
Not sure if I can post here, but I’m going to give it a shot. I am a processor and work with several Epicor clients using a few different gateways. I would be happy to chat about what I am seeing. Let me know if you wish to have a conversation.

If you want to message me separately that’s fine too.

Chad Helgemoe

I talked about it some of the issues we have on this thread. It’s mainly the lack of features.