Payroll processing

Hello to all

Being a confessed “Lurker” of this group for some time I know that there is a
lot of experience and talent in here. It was good to meet some of you at

We are migrating to 6.1(from 3.0) the first week of December (Yeah I know,
3.0 is almost stone-age but hey, the stone-age hasnÂ’t really been that bad.
ItÂ’s just that our chisels keep wearing out and we have to deal with all of
these rocksÂ…. but I digress.)

Your help in an off topic subject would be greatly appreciated.

We intend to use Vantage “payroll punches” for clocking in and out for the
day instead of using a separate time clock. Using just the clock in/out will
not require our hourly overhead personnel to start/end activity for an
indirect but to just clock in/out for the day in Vantage. Our shop floor
employees will continue to clock in/out of jobs and indirect throughout the
day without also having to punch a separate time clock.

We do not use the Vantage Payroll module but use “Millennium” (from Computer
Payroll Company) to process our payroll.

We would like to hear from those that use an outside company to process their
payroll and do not use the traditional time clock. Up to now all companies
that we have spoken to manually enter their payroll data instead of using
Report Builder or Crystal to extract and export the payroll data to a format
that can be imported by the outside agency after corrections have been made.

Please contact one of the following:

Andrea McAfee (661)257-3373 andream@...
Eugene D. Humpherys (661)257-3373 eugeneh@...