PCID - Cycle Count and Phyisical Inventory

I have been testing PCID in 10.2.400. I ran a Cycle Count (CC) with a part that had two containers of parts, each with a different PCID assigned. They show on Part Tracker as being in inventory. Those two containers of parts did not show up on the CC in Count Tag Entry, they didn’t Post, and did not get Adjusted Out of Inventory.

Everything I am reading, implies that you should be able to inventory a PCID, but I haven’t found anything that specifically states how to do it. By “Implies”, I mean the documentation talks about printing count tags for PCID#'s, etc…

Sorry , I cannot help but definitely interested in the outcome.

Updates on my research…

Page 1015 of the 10.2.400 Technical Reference Guides states, under a heading of ‘Physical and Cycle Counts’, “Part Quantities associated with a PCID are automatically excluded from Inventory Counts” – this jives with what I am seeing for the first Cycle Count test I did.

However, Page 1036 & 7, under heading of ‘Initialize Physical Inventory’, says “By default part quantities associated with a PCID are included in inventory counts if your company has an AMM license (we have this) , the Enable Package Control is selected for the current site in Site Configuration (it is checked) , the PCID is a top level stock PCID (Status = STOCK and it is not a CHILD PCID to a parent) .

So, if a single level PCID is also a Top Level PCID then either Physicals and CC’s are handled differently or their is a contradiction here. Continuing to test…

Created a Physical with some quantities assigned to a PCID. They are included in the Physical on a separate tab in Count Cycle Maintenance and they do show up in the Count Tag Entry Screen.

So either CC’s and Physicals are treated differently, or I missed something when doing he CC.

By the way, in Count Tag Entry there was a field that had a label of “Top Level” for the PCID (a single level…no Parent or Child PCID).