PCID documentation

That is what I was hoping as well Mark. But if those units are subassemblies on a job that is make to order, does PCID allow for this level of detail?

I try to hit this session every time at insights to ask this question, but there was no functionality like that when I asked in the last session a couple years ago.



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You should have an “Epicor Education” icon in the same folder as your other Epicor icons. Login with a username of “-epicor” and a password of “Train18!” (those are the default values). This SHOULD open Epicor in the Modern Shell (I haven’t worked with an MT client for some time and am not sure how the defaults work any more). From there click on Help, then Education Courses.

@DaveOlender did you ever find the documentation? I do not have Education and have not been able to find any documentation either.

Mr. John: I have not yet found it.
After numerous “hair pulls” and hours of “happy clicking” I was able to get some of my own questions answered.

Sorry, that is not much help.

There is an Epicor Education document for PCID. I don’t know of any other documentation that exists beyond the system help.

I opened a ticket with Epicor and they said they don’t have anything. I unfortunately don’t have the Embedded Education so I can’t access that. Looks like I will just have to do a lot of playing!.